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Objectives for Week Ten

  • This month, our product focus is healthy digestion and, as we will see, Shaklee has a particularly remarkable product line for both upper digestive issues (stomach, indigestion, gas, reflux) and lower intestinal conditions (IBS, gas, irregularity, etc...)
  • We will learn how to generate 1000 new PV with these product collections every month to help us grow our personal volumes and develop new Directors.
  • We will discuss a variety of options for closing our meetings and appointments.
  • And to understand the power of events and group meetings that renew our energy & provide inspiring stories to share.

Action Steps

  • Events connect us with potential customers and business partners.
  • Events ... Online, FaceBook, in-homes, etc are a great opportunity always to share our purpose and mission... Our stories are compelling
  • Remember every 4 events generates about 1000 PV (about 250 PV per event .. In home or video conferencing , etc)

Every month, set goal to schedule 4 events .. Under customers when possible to meet THEIR friends and help them earn discounts on their products.


Recorded on November 1, 2016.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

Ruth Kneile