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Harper & Ryan Guerra Story - Stand alone version

Objectives for Week Nine

  • Learn yet another story of how the Shaklee business impacts lives in the most inspiring of ways so we can pass those stories on to others.
  • To set up events and appointments to introduce benefits of a Shaklee business to 3 to 5 people this week.

And to understand the power of events and group meetings that renew our energy & provide inspiring stories to share.

Action Steps

  • Let’s set a goal to share the stories we have been hearing this semester with 3 people every week… remembering so many of our colleagues experienced tremendous financial pressures that nobody knew about… and how grateful they were someone told them about Shaklee.
  • Today we heard Crystal Johnson’s report of how meaningful her work is to her and others
  • and Harper Guerra’s story about health regained, income and life lessons learned along the Shaklee journey.
  • Remember we can be a life-line .. For health, for income and for community
  • Go to and select the business presentation you like the best... Then personalize it with your pictures and your story.

Every month, set goal to schedule 4 events .. Under customers when possible to meet THEIR friends and help them earn discounts on their products.


Recorded on October 25, 2016.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

Ruth Kneile