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Today Crystal Johnson shared her 6 minute Business Presentation as we continued to discuss how to build our business teams. This presentation can be used as an initial introduction to Shaklee or to share with a current member another aspect of Shaklee ... possibly of interest to themselves ... Or to someone they know. It's simple and duplicatable!!.

Lisa Anderson outlined in detail how to create a 2000 PV Plan for new distributors.    

 Just because we have had a conversation with someone and they have expressed " interest" … that does not mean that they are ready to make Shaklee their life's work .

 Becky Choate covered Allergy Product Collections and how to generate 1000 PV with them.  

Action Steps

  • Begin setting up appointments to share Crystal's business presentation or any version you like  with 6 people this week..   They can be current customers or potential business partners.
  • Set up appointments with your distributors to create a 2000 PV Plan  … to help them reach rank of Director  or  to help current Directors  qualify for Chairman's Retreat by increasing their PV.


Recorded on October 1, 2015.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

Ruth Kneile