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Today we heard Lisa Anderson, 14 years in Shaklee, and Katie Odom, 2 years in Shaklee, present an overview of the Shaklee Opportunity. The did a magnificent job showing us how to share with people our opportunity and our product lines. This will be available as a "stand alone" so you can connect new prospects and members for updating to.

Action Steps - Session 1

  • If you are a Shaklee Member, you can upgrade to Distributor ( $49.95 for a new person, but upgrading is only $29.95, or to a Gold Member ( $349 kit or $699 kit with more products and perks. All tax deductible as a business kit )
  • Download Distributor Start Up Checklist from
  • Make a list of people with whom you would like to share today’s presentation.
  • Invite new distributors to next week’s training session .. Getting Started 101.
  • Consider setting a goal to contact 20 people regarding the new Blood Pressure product.


Recorded on September 4th, 2014.

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