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This week we focused on the following in our webinar:
   *Creating strategies to generate 1000 PV for ourselves and our business partners.
   *Reviewing a variety of product collections that address health topics of interest to a large number of consumers.
   *Discussing dialogues, invitations, and closings...both live on telephones, in person, or on FaceBook.

Action Steps Session 9

  • Choose a product collection to promote this month.
  • Then make a list of people to call.
  • Prepare the points you want to cover .. And any promotions you are offering.
  • Remember contacting just 5 people a week times 4 weeks can introduce 20 people to additional Shaklee products .. And generate 1000 PV in the process if they only purchased 50 PV collections.
  • Consider practicing your conversation with your accountability partners and share ideas.
  • Set a goal for November to generate 25 sponsoring points to qualify for the beautiful Tiffany gift certificate of $250 … and increase your PV by 1000.


Recorded on October 30th, 2014.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

Moyra Gorski
Gorski Wellness

Wheaton, IL
Cell: 708-977-7326