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We continue our review of activies and skills needed to help new distributors build their businesses by developing a customer base and business partners. Also to help us understand how in-home events build those quickly.

The residual income thru personal group PV concept is highlighted here. It's a terrific aspect of our marketing plan to put in front of people.

Jessica Wurtsbaugh shared her in-home event results for September. Boy!! Are those ever exciting. In addition we covered popular topics for in-home gatherings; helpful hints; key components of in-homes and how to best do each of those for productivity. We ended with ideas on what to do with those who cannot/do not attend our in-home events.

Action Steps - Session 5

  • Prepare an outline for an in-home of your choice
  • You can use flip charts or power points or archived webinars or walk people through the Product Guide.
  • Or just share your story and the products that you love the most. Just begin meeting with people.
  • Keep your meetings small at first ... 3 or 4 around a kitchen table.
  • Have your upline present or do it jointly with another leader initially.
  • Set up your working folder so you are ready to call to remind people to attend ... And then make follow up contacts after your events.

Attached are a couple of IN-home interest sheets and a Nutrition & Profile Assessment.


Recorded on October 2nd, 2014.

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