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Objectives Session 5:

  1. Develop customer base of 20-30 members Remember: People buy from people that they know, like, and trust
  2. Identify potential business partners Remember: Find characteristics you want in a business partner and Learn how to expose them to the best business information suited to them

By developing 2 Directors by November 30th, 2014 will likely have you sunning in Maui in May!

Today we heard from a number of people how they are using various social media effectively to gain new business partners. We also discussed using the meaningful conversational tools that we have learned as a means to building relationships. Then these relationships often lead to business interest.

We also heard about the immense value of having uplines do 3 way calls.

Action Steps

  • Make a list of people with whom you want to have a conversation to lead to business interest
  • Choose from ideas from today like what and how to post on FaceBook, sending brochures, etc.
  • Continue to set up 3-5 activities per week with goal of 3-5 new members/per week
  • Consider setting up informal health and or business calls
  • And most importantly to borrow from Nike, just do it !

Strong effort will produce high results:
Ex. For 2000 PV by 8/31 consider 2 events/week, sponsor 4 /week, 16 members/distributors will easily create 1000+ PV

Can you imagine what can happen if we all go for this!!!!!!



Recorded on July 15th, 2014.

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