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Recapping our year of training

  • how to approach
  • how to use social media
  • how to invite
  • how to listen and ask questions and discover needs
  • how to present information
  • how to close and explain options
  • how to follow up
  • communication skills
  • people skills
  • business skills
  • how to organize our offices ... And our checking accounts, etc.
  • product information
  • health information

Action Steps

This would be a good time to examine each of our Shaklee businesses and ask ourselves:

  • What is my system for meeting new people on a regular basis?
  • What is my system for servicing and education my customers about Shaklee products and wellness?
  • What is my system for identifying potential business partners?

So by the time we return for our Winter/Spring 2017 Semester, let’s all set a goal to establish and update our systems … to prepare our businesses for major growth to AMAZE OURSELVES in 2107 !!!



Recorded on December 13, 2016.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

Be Barefoot
Cindy McAsey

Abilene, KS