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Objectives for Week Twelve

  • To give you an outline of the new benefits of being a Director
  • To give you the tools to reach the next goals like New Directors Conference and Senior Director (to qualify you for Shaklee Bonus Car payment!).
  • To begin working on the mindset of a leader.
  • To give you tips for navigating the inevitable challenges.
  • And tangible next steps as you begin your exciting, rewarding and inspiring Shaklee journey.

Action Steps

  • Make sure you have completed the list on "Before we Proceed, please review."
  • Create your PV Plan (using Shaklee University tools)
  • Update your lists (of names) and goals (90-day and long-term)
  • Set up a strategy session with your upline to follow up on this webinar—Prepare to share at least three things that stood out to you.
  • Schedule time to invest in personal development.


Recorded on November 15, 2016.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

Be Barefoot
Cindy McAsey

Abilene, KS