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Objectives for Week Four

Taking Converstations Off-Line

  • This summer, we have been exploring a variety of ways to connect with friends, old acquaintances, new acquaintances, etc. via social media.
  • Today we want to review a few of those ideas ... and then more importantly... discuss how we move from a Face Book relationship to a personal relationship.

Action Steps

  • Send FB messages to 10 people this week on non-Shaklee topics.
    • ex – Hey  I saw you had a baby .. How are you doing?
    • ex – Loved your post about your vacation .. Looked like you had fun.
  • Select 3 people you previously sent information without a conversation and set up a phone call or appointment .. And ”take it off line”.


Recorded on July 21, 2016.

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Be Barefoot
Cindy McAsey

Abilene, KS