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Objectives for Week Two

Branding Ourselves and Building Our Businesses with FB

  • To understand how to use the remarkable technologies at our fingertips to connect with others, build relationships and identify those who might like to join us in our work.
  • To put into practice new approaches through FaceBook and FaceBook messaging that Ashley McDonald’s organization has been learning from a special /course they have been taking called Break-Through Academy with Bob Heilig.
  • To understand the powerful effect of doing a blitz of activity for a short period of time .. How massive action now only can produce massive results, but greatly accelerate the learning curve.
  • To understand that we live at a time where there is tremendous interest in home businesses.

Action Steps

  • Create your list & prepare for your 30 day burst – pick a date to start!
  • Fix up your FB profile – Change picture, complete profile
    • Message everyone who likes your new profile picture
    • Thanks for the “ like”...
  • Start engaging with other’s on FB & CONTINUE keep in touch
  • Make a habit of the Birthday Wish daily
  • Follow the 90/10 rule & build up an audience
  • Increase “FB Engagement” by following the plan discussed
  • Give LIVE videos a try


Recorded on July 7, 2016.

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