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Harper Guerra shared her action steps for getting a new distributor/business partner started in Shaklee. See attached doc.

Then we discussed mastering the art of meaningful conversations and went through the 3 key elements of a authentic conversations. NOTHING happens in Shaklee until we CONNECT WITH PEOPLE so this is a critical skill to learn, master, and use.

Also covered was information on setting up 3-way calls; skills around inviting; texting scripts; and responding to FaceBook inquiries. All tools and resources for introducing new customers to Shaklee products.

Action Steps Session 3

  • Set up planning session with your distributor.
  • Consider offering an incentive when they set up at least three 3-way calls and invite 10 people to various activities and events (FaceBook events, conference calls , etc )
  • Aim to help them earn Cash for Cleveland…by accumulating 20 sponsoring points every month (minimum $100/mo)
  • For specifics on getting the mechanics of your distributor's business set up, you may want to have them visit webinar: Getting Started 101 Shaklee Summer School 2014 (Archived at
  • For further information on inviting and closing, go to Shaklee Summer School 2014 Session #3 and #4



Recorded on January 29th, 2015.

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