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Objectives for Week Three

  • Explore what attracts people to us...
    • What attracts people to our business
    • What attracts people to join our business team
    • to Shaklee
  • To identify the best “fishing holes” to find business partners
  • Review what we are looking for
  • To understand the value of our industry so we can share our opportunity with confidence.

Action Steps

  • Shaklee challenge – enroll 5 new business partners to join us in Orlando in August.
  • Let’s all make a list of what we would like to change to:
    • develop relationships more easily
    • to become more of a magnet for business partners.
  • Make a list of activities to schedule this month to meet 5 new people ... with dates on the calendar.  


Recorded on April 28, 2016.

Your Shaklee Business Leader

Be Barefoot
Cindy McAsey

Abilene, KS