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Objectives for Week One

  • In 8 Weeks to Director Training, we covered the key steps to become a Shaklee Director and generate 2000 PV.
  • Director is the starting point from which we now begin to build a team…an organization of Directors each with their own goals and compelling reasons that drive them.
  • Building a team requires additional skills now .. Leadership skills, personal development skills, time management skills, planning skills.
  • Before diving into our advanced training material…we will first want to do a little preparation... Which will involve...

Action Steps

  • We have 2 weeks until our next session..
  • Let’s use that time to get our systems in place ...
    • our passive systems on social media .. Observe best posts of others and begin posting weekly. (see training sessions Legacy and Leadership 2015 on Social Media)
    • purchase a few Shaklee brand items … T-shirts, hats, jackets, tote bags, etc.
    • Select 2 or 3 reach out methods and schedule them on the calendar
    • Prepare materials for New Member Orientations and Member Updates
    • Review videos and select your favorites to send to people who may  want to learn more about Shaklee (remember to ask permission before sending)
  • Choose a day-planner and begin using it every day to set appointments, events, activities .. Fill that planner up!
  • Attend Shaklee Spring Regional and Super Saturday events..


Recorded on April 7, 2016.

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