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Today's session focused on key steps in developing our customers and distributors--Inviting and Closing in order to guide our prospect to the next step.

We reviewed the 3 elements/skills of meaningful authentic conversations with examples for inviting.

Angie Thomas outlined for us the specifics and results from a FaceBook Grand Opening . Good information!! Attached are her outlines of the FB event.

Then we ended with closing and suggested action steps for our potential customers and distributors along with examples.

Action Steps

  • Set up 3 to 5 activities/ events/ conference calls, etc for every week in July and begin inviting.
  • Enter your list of names and contact information in your working folder .
  • Register for Shaklee Conference… This will be a very special event.
  • Keep your goals in front of you .. Along with a specific written PV plan of how you are reaching 2000 PV or more

Strong effort will produce high results:
Ex. For 2000 PV by 8/31 consider 2 events/week, sponsor 4 /week, 16 members/distributors will easily create 1000+ PV

Can you imagine what can happen if we all go for this!!!!!!



Recorded on July 8th, 2014.

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Cindy McAsey

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